Claudio Montecucco


Born in Perugia, Claudio Montecucco graduated as a technician in mechanical engineering and received his three-year degree as a CAD designer. He then enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, though after several exams, he abandoned his studies to work in the family jewelry store as a jewelry designer and pursue his piano studies. A lover of all art forms, he readily cites authors with whom he identifies such as Albert Einstein ("lmagination is more important than knowledge"), Marguerite Duras ("That which helps me to live, is the moment"), Robert Doisneau ("What l was trying to show was a world in which l felt at home, where people were kind. where l could find the tenderness that l hoped to receive. My photographs were the proof that this wortd could exist"). Being a reserved man, and little inclined to being observed, Montecucco had been taking photographs (prevalently architectural images), for just a few years, when he realized that photography permitted him to express something strongly personal. His search for that so-called "elusive moment", that moment he would like to be able to capture everyday, walking down the street with his camera.